Basement Blues

This past week I finished all seven rows of Olivia's quilt.  They have been sitting for days all rolled up waiting to be ironed and then sewn together.  The reason the rows are not already ironed and completed is because I have been working on cleaning out the basement this weekend. 

So far I have taken out four big bags of garbage and have about two big bags full of clothes to donate to the Rescue Mission.  I must have carried at least 20 EMPTY cardboard boxes out of the basement into the garage.  I have been breaking them down one by one to put in the recycle box.  What a shock to find out a lot of the clutter in the basement was just stacks of empty boxes!! With them all removed it looks HUGE down there again. 

Most of the garbage was old stuff I saved from school that I really didn't need to keep after all (ie. lesson plans from 1994-on). OMG!! Why can't I throw anything away?!  I'm still working on it...but you know I am Harriett reborn, and end up sitting on the floor looking at everything for hours, not really accomplishing anything.  It is so hard to throw stuff away or even give stuff away.  I don't know how you did it, cleaning out an entire house! Hopefully, I'll have the basement done before I have to go back to school next week my back gives out!  ;) I'll keep you posted! 


New Blocks

Here are the latest blocks...not many more to go!

Tomorrow I'm off to the quilting store for some more supplies.  I just love the fabric store!  I could spend hours in there!  Hopefully there will be a new class I can sign-up for this spring.  TGIF!!


Valentine Fun

I was so impressed with your tissue paper pink heart wreath ala Martha style, I searched for some more cute Valentine projects you might be interested in!

I just loved this idea!  I still have my white Christmas lights out because it gets dark so early in the winter.  What a great idea to add white heart doilies to the string and make a fun garland out of it!

I also liked this idea of stringing together white heart doilies with red thread, fabric or ribbon.

How about fixing Abby and Olivia's hair like this for Valentine's Day?  WOW!!

This reminds me of a gift I received years ago from a student at the holidays, but mine looks like a snowman.  This is so easy to make with tissue paper and Elmer's Glue.

This picture I saved just because I thought it was so cute! XOXO

Wouldn't this make a cute Valentine to exchange at school...maybe for next year?

I just love Valentine's Day!  I think I'll add some cute decorations to my classroom this week.


Super Bowl Sunday

I always think the Super Bowl commercials are the best part of the big day.  This is my favorite new commercial today....LOVE IT!

I can not stop laughing! (Skye and Sunny start barking uncontrollably when they hear this!)

Well, the day has arrived that many wait for all season long.  Mike is at his brother's house today getting ready for the kick-off.  For him the Super Bowl boils down to these three things:


The first two I had to smell cooking in the oven for hours this afternoon.  Mike is known for his great wings, but I did get to try some of the ribs before he left...soooo good!  He used Dinosaur BBQ sauce and said he added some "secret ingredients" to the sauce. Whatever he put in there tasted great!

Now, Super Bowl Sunday means something different to me:

*peace and quiet (perfect for reading my new book)
*sewing more of Olivia's quilt
*Dr. Quinn marathon on GMC

I have never really liked to watch football.  I always watch the half-time show, but that is usually it.  I am curious to see what Madonna will do tonight.  I enjoy watching the movie marathons on the Hallmark Channel or Lifetime Channel.  However, this year I really lucked out!  GMC has been running a Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman marathon all day. 

Mike does not like to watch the same episodes over and over again.  I still enjoy watching them, even though I know everything that is going to happen.  And he is starting to get sick of me reminding him that the story takes place in Colorado Springs. 

Me: "Look! There's Pikes Peak!  I've been there in Colorado Springs!  Isn't it cool the story takes place in Colorado Springs and Billy lives there?!" 

Him: "No, really?  That guy just saved the day again with his tomahawk." yawn...

 Oh, by the way, I finished six more blocks for Olivia's quilt today.

That's all for now.  I'll have to keep checking the game to make sure I don't miss the half-time show!   Hope you like the new blocks...it's neat how no two blocks will look the same in this quilt.  XO



More Blocks for Olivia's Birthday Quilt!

Here are six more blocks for Olivia's birthday quilt.  I hope you like them!

Sunny wanted to say hi, but he was too busy taking a bath...

Have a relaxing night! XOXO
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