Downton Abbey Mystery!

My local quilt shop is having a Downton Abbey Mystery Quilt Along.  Every Sunday I will get a new pattern/block to make using special themed fabric related to a specific character on the show.  You get to pick from Lady Mary, Lady Sybill, Lady Edith and the Dowager Countess with your fabric choice.  Here are the color schemes:

 I like the lavender and gray of the Dowager Countess.  I hope when I go to sign-up on Friday there is still this color choice left!  We will start in November and complete a block each week until the show starts its' new season in January.  I wonder what the quilt will end up looking like??  I guess that's why they call it a mystery quilt along!


Christmas Isn't Just for Kids

Someone else is getting new pillowcases this year as well!
Guess Who???   ;)


I'm Back!

OK So it's that time of the year again...time to start making holiday gifts or finish holiday projects started last year but didn't finish in time!  I went on the Fat Quarter Shop website this weekend and ordered two pillowcase kits to make for the girls.  The first kit (Girl's Simply Sweet Pillowcase Kit) looks perfect for Abby's room and the Slumber Party Pillowcase Kit is made out of the same fabric (flowery pattern part) as the quilt I made for Olivia's bed last year.
I also ordered some Christmas fabric to make pillowcases to go with the Christmas quilts I made for them last year.  Here are the colors and patterns for those pillowcases.

I'll be posting more regularly again so you can see the progress I'm making on all my projects.  I still have this one sitting on my sewing table from last year that I am determined to finish by Thanksgiving, so that I can use it on the couch this year at Christmas. 
I have a few other projects started for people and will post photos of those after I finish these first.  I am getting excited because the Hallmark Channel keeps playing Christmas movie commercials!  Can't wait!!
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