Abby and Olivia's Christmas Quilts 2012

Here is Abigail's quilt:
This one is for Olivia:
I love the rick-rack on the front.  It reminds me of a gingerbread house.
I was happy to be able to use up the left over fabric on the back.
They are so soft and crinkly from the dryer. 
 I hope the girls like their new Christmas quilts!
I'll see you all in a week.  I can't wait! XOXO


BRUCE ROCKS 12*12*12!

 Oh, my Bruce Springsteen pie!
I wish that was me...

OK So I didn't get any sewing or school work done last night. (Sorry kids, you won't be getting your DBQ paragraphs back tomorrow.)  But, Bruce was on and I HAD to watch the concert! Boy, am I glad I did...what a great show!  I wanted to post yesterday on 12-12-12.  Thought it would be cool to mark the date, but it didn't happen. Oh, well.  So tonight I'm posting the pictures of the finished tops of the girls' Christmas quilts.  It is pretty dark in the back room, so the colors don't look as bright as they really are.  Wait till you see them in person!  I just have to put the back on and quilt together.  That is my task tonight and tomorrow night.  Hopefully, I will have them in the mail on Saturday.  Keep your fingers crossed!  I hope you like them so far!

A little parting music...

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