April Showers

April showers bring May flowers...that's what they say anyways. Well, the one good thing that has come out of all this rain is I've had lots of time to read. I am currently reading a suspense novel titled The Dark Rose by Erin Kelly. 

I'm only on chapter seven, but it has been a page turner so far! The original reason this book caught my eye was the author's name. I actually know someone named Erin Kelly! (i thought that was funny) When I flipped the book over and saw the reviews from her last book, The Poison Tree, that really got me hooked! Stephen King praised Erin Kelly for writing such a terrific book.  He also compared it to one of my all time favorite books/movie Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Now I know what book I will be signing out next at the library. (I'll let you know how the story turns out when I finish.)

Happy Reading!


Back From Colorado

Well I am back from my trip to Colorado. I had a lot of fun on my spring vacation with my family.  The weather was absolutely beautiful. Warm and sunny...I have a bad sunburn to proove it!

I got to take a tour of the Air Force Academy and watch my brother's lacrosse game. (We even won!!) My mom and I enjoyed visiting the different churches located on campus.  I took lots of pics of each we visited.  They were all so beautiful...wait until you see the pictures! 

One day we went to the zoo with the girls. It is so cool how you walk up a mountain so see all of the animals. By far the best part was feeding the giraffes crackers.  (I think my mom spent like $15 on food to feed the giraffes. Crazy!)  Although, the girls squealed everytime their tongues touched them! (Yuck!) It was also pretty cool to walk under a glass wall and have a huge mountain lion looking down on you! (Now I know why my brother jogs with a rock in his hand on the trails. Scary!)

It was fun to see Olivia and Abby's schools and meet their teachers. Abby took us on a tour of her school and did a great job as our "tour guide".  Olivia was so proud to have a special visior at school and gymnastics class.  She is a great little gymnast.  I was very impressed! It was too bad our school vacations were not the same week this year. I even got to watch Ilona at the high school coaching her tennis team. Everyone had their own "special event" for me to go watch.

We went to a cool place for dinner called "My Big Fat Greek Restaurant". (Just like the movie!) The food was awesome and all of us ladies had a wine tasting line-up of all the different wines they had on the menu. (Of course, Billy had to drive after dinner! ha! ha!) I guess they have dancing and singing on the weekends...they even break plates! We will have to go back on a Saturday night next time I visit. I can't wait!

Needless to say, I was very busy. I don't know how my mom keeps up this pace all the time! I guess happy hour each afternoon and LMN movies after dinner do help a person relax after a long day! Thanks everybody for a fantastic visit! I had a great time and miss everyone so much! I love you!

Here are some pictures...enjoy!

Aren't the flowers just beautiful in Colorado Springs?
 Hope you enjoyed the pictures! 
Have a great week!


In Loving Memory

The ones we love are forever in our hearts.
Whenever the sunshine warms your soul,
as a quiet breeze brushes your face.
When the wind whistles and the birds sing,
we know the ones we love are all around us.
~Adele Basheer

Gone but not forgotten...
I miss you, Dad.
You are always in my heart and thoughts everyday.
I love you.
Until we meet again...Kelly


Heaven is Here

I went to Barnes and Noble today and picked up Stephanie Nielson's new book "Heaven is Here".  I have been reading her blog nieniedialogues.com for more than a year now and have been looking forward to her book for months. I can't wait to sit down tonight with a cup of tea and start reading!


April Fools

Happy first day of April!  This is always an exciting time of the year for us teachers.  We know that right after spring break next week (and the state testing that follows) it is all downhill toward summer vacation. Yippee!!  Although, the fact that I teach summer school every year kind of puts a damper on the whole summer break thing.  But, it is nice to have the beautiful weather and be able to spend so much time outside.

Well, I've decided I would like to make a strip quilt for my Hands 2 Help Quilt.  I wanted to try something more modern looking with straight line quilting at the end.  I found two great examples/tutorials here at Twin Fibers and Film in the Fridge.  Not sure if I want to add the ric-rac to the strips...but it might look cute in pink on plain white strips of fabric.  We'll see!

On another note, I have the fabric picked out for Ilona's birthday quilt.  I know she loves black, white and red.  I found a cute black and white fabric collection and bought the fat quarter bundle at The Joyful Quilter.  I also found a beautiful fabric for the back.  It has a red background with black and white flowers.  I think she is going to really like it!  I took a picture of the pattern I'm going to make.  It's hard to tell what it will look like in black and white...sometimes I start to think it would look better as a log cabin quilt with the dark/light contrast in fabric colors.

Here is a peek at the fabric:

This is my favorite dark fabric print.

And now for the lights!

This is my favorite light fabric.

Here is the fabric for the back. 
I would like to make a quilted bag of this for myself!

So cute!

Sunny can hardly keep his head up and eyes open!
He is waiting so patiently for me to finish so I will play ball with him.

Skye, she doesn't care about what I'm doing.  Not when Mike is in the kitchen with food out!
We call her "Hoover" now.

Have a great first day of April! 
(and no playing tricks on Nana kids!)
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